Born in 1952, Aymard obtained a Fine Arts National Diploma in Bordeaux in 1974. After training for two years with a master glassmaker and mosaic artists and having studied painting and engraving at the Fine Arts Institute in Bordeaux and Angers, he further studied the technique of gilding in 1982 and 1983. Between 1976 and 2013 he dedicated himself to teaching in middle and high schools. 

Since 1976, he has had exhibitions in numerous galleries : Quimper, Bordeaux, Brest, Paris, Tirana (Albania 2012), Chambery, Aix les Bains (2014-2015).

Henceforth, his time is devoted to research and the promotion of all his creative work.

I care about art since I was 14. My interest was initially focused on crafts. Stained glass and mosaics were my first job. I met artists, Edmond BOISSONNET, MIRANDE, Pierre THÉRON, Alfred MANESSIER, who were using these techniques to make commissions. I listened and observed !

Afterwards, I spent six years at the Fine Arts Institute during which I became familiar with Art History and the techniques for artistic expression.

My life started revolving around my passion. I began to display and mold my thoughts while facing a nascent contemporary art that has now been formalized. In 1981, I was interested by water gilding and, with the help of Pierre GICQUEL, frame restorer at the Louvre museum, I appropriated this technique to serve my own creations. It was an adventure that lasted and evolved for four years. 

Drawing, oil painting, and various techniques would accompany my progress to date.

I belong to an adventure in a changing world. So, through my work, I strive, in my own way, to make it better and more beautiful, knowing full well that I am neither the beginning nor the end. My plan is to live in a world yet to be discovered and attempt to emancipate myself constantly by materializing, as accurately as possible, my ideas in form and color.

To listen, observe, meditate, and work are the appropriate ingredients to feed renewed expressions, without rejecting the roots and the experiences that constitute them. As Hemingway put it so eloquently : "Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be". And I have made this a cornerstone of my work.

From the mastery of form and matter stems the expression in search of the true, the beautiful, and the good. An extension, more than a fracture, was materialized in constantly updated tasks in order to experience new days and create unique works.

Aymard le Forestier de Quillien

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